Whoever dies with the most toys wins

What toys do your ferts love? A jingle ball? A squeak mouse? A tube maze?

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All of the above! Anything that moves, makes sound, involves water, smells. Probably their favourite is my toes! :smiley:

We fill small socks up with various items. They love just plain socks with a knot in them, but we enhance some with little jingle bells, with a collection of garden herbs, with scrunched paper.

Ever try a crinkle sack?

We’ve just barely adopted a ferret and the tube maze has definitely been a winner!

An off cut of carpet!!!:joy: these kits go absolutely nuts over it! Lifting it up,scratching it and making tunnels out of it.
Oh and a clear tube!!! The tail flicking is funny :joy:


We call it the budget ball pit, Skeeter enjoys flopping into it, throwing eggs out of it, and most of all, she loves chasing the eggs we throw across the room!

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A wiffle ball, about 3 inches, the kind with holes in it. The holes help their teeth latch on under water. l throw 3 or 4 into their water tub, they sink to the bottom and they all get fished out within minutes.

A couple of cartons from costco and a few cloth flower leis from the party store. they will make a party and then it’s easy to pick up if they decide to hide their new treasures.