What games do your ferrets play?

What games do your ferrets play?

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l break it down into 2 areas…things they like to play with/explore and then actual games.
With me they will play chase and follow. l will run across the room and they will run after me and then l will run in the other direction and they will change course and run in that direction. l get bored after a few laps but l have seen them play the same game with one of my cockers and my cat. l have also used the run/chase games with a plastic gecko tied to a string and pole. l have dragged it all over the room and they have chased it. They liked it so much it got totally destroyed. Since what I’ve found here is made of of some sort of rubber or silicon, I would not let them have it unsupervised. l have also seen rubber snakes that l think they would like to chase after. The final chase game they really love is a small radio controlled car. The noise and sudden movement is what they love best. A guarantee to be dragged behind the couch. I’ve seen them team up and each grab a side. That is the only teaming up l’ve seen ferrets doing. Also needs to be supervised because they will remove the rubber tires.
Use anything that they might like to play with before it goes into the trash. An empty paper grocery bag. An empty cracker or cookie box and the crinkly plastic interior. Make sure it is empty with no sugar inside. The larger produce cartons from the grocery store…stack them in different patterns each day. Cut holes into the top and sides and make a ‘whack-a-mole’ game…they love checking it out and then sticking their heads up and out.
Waste baskets. If it is not empty before they knock it over, you will be playing the fetch and pick up game.
Laundry items. Mine love both the round plastic laundry hampers (kind of like a hamster wheel that they can stick their noses in) and the mesh square ones. They love crawling into a flat hamper and then standing up and turning it into a square and then making the square flip sides. More than one of them will like to play with this…a couple on the inside or one inside and another outside. i’ve also gotten them to associate the mesh hamper with being moved from the atrium to the TV room. They will see it, all come to the door and then l will pick them up and put all 5 into the hamper and move them at one time. It also works

when it is time to go back and take their nap.
They love checking everything out and exploring. Simple things like drinking can be turned into a game. Mine drink from a plastic tub that is slightly smaller than they are. Sometimes they like to put their entire head underwater or just do a dive ,dive, dive and cool off in the water. Sometimes l will place the plastic wiffle balls (the hollow ones with holes) in their water dish and someone will always grab onto one or all and remove them from the water.
A simple cardboard cat scratch tube. Anything that they an get into is great and these allow them to get underneath and sharpen their claws. But then a simple piece of rotten tree branch, if it is not too large for them, will do that also.
Tubes, tubes and more tubes… From the hardware store have a large section of 4 inch tube cut into many small pieces and buy lots of Y and T-shaped joints. Every so often change the pattern around. They love seeing and exploring what is different in their surroundings.
I have invented a game which I call “Ole, Ole”. Using an old towel like in a bull fight. They will charge and you will flick the towel away from you. There is a very good chance that you can get nipped or bitten, just like if you got in the middle of their weasel war dance. Play fighting with ferrets can hurt. Use this game only with caution.


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