Wanting a companion

(Mary) #1

Hi all- my ferret Jill is nearly 1 year old, she is a beautiful gentle soul and a delight in our lives -
since she had the Jill jab about 3-4 weeks ago she has become a bit more subdued. I’m wondering if she is a bit depressed!!?? Can the hormone do this??
So now we are hunting for a friend. Is it best to hang on for a baby in the summer?
We’ve tried all the local rescues and no rehomes available at the moment.
Any advice ref this and introduction advice will be greatly appreciated

(Craig) #2

Hi Mary and welcome to the forum
Are you based uk or further afield?
There’s normally plenty of rescues available in the uk but then again it depends on how far your willing to travel.
Introductions are a funny thing,sometimes they go really smooth and sometimes just happen.
I’ve had examples of both and having knowledge now would definitely let my single ferret choose its friend via a meeting at a rescue.
One example of mine was poppie(Jill) who attacked my gentle hob(whitie)we were trying to see if we could get them in together as both were lone through different circumstances.
She attacked him crazily first time they were put down and had to be split!! Second time she went straight into his bed box and he joined her and the next thing they were curled up together!!!
They never cease to amaze me! especially the Jill’s :joy:

Cheers Craig