The Atrium... What is it?

What is the atrium? It sounds Roman.

I live in the Mexican tropics and it is an open air interior garden. Mine is about 8 X 17 ft with screens up about 10ft, to keep the insects and fruit bats out of the house. That was the first thing i added when I moved here. There are some really big bugs that come out of the jungle. The second thing l added was a brick floor so my cats would not use it as a huge litterbox. The final thing I added were windows with screens to keep the torrential tropical rains out of the house. The windows can be opened or closed to regulate the flow of air. Then l got ferrets and they love the space. Plenty of room to run and play whenever they feel like it. Lots of tubes and places to sleep. And they get to keep an eye on everything that is going on inside the house

there is a fountain that I installed a parrot ladder and trained them how to climb out when they fell into the water. And the little goofballs do slip into the water. There is a dog house on each side…one to sleep in with old towels and the other to keep the kibble dry. .

photos of my busyness and they are very busy when they are awake. My first were a brother/sister pair Bandit and Dita, then came the albino Latte…cream with a double shot of caffeine. Finally Doodles, the champagne. She loves to steal anything to take behind the couch. The latest is used pee pads…l just don’t understand that one. l hadn’t planned on any more but everytime l went into the pet store there was a single ferret in a small plexi cage with just a tube. l was told she had been there for 10 months and didn’t sell because she bit. I negotiated a deal and bought her. And yes she did bite, quite viciously and whenever she could. I got her on valentine’s day and named her Valentine. It’s been 3 months and she is now the sweetest thing, but l cannot take credit for that. She was socialized and learned from the busyness.

Thank u :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it is a term for a Roman architectural feature where there is an open air interior courtyard with pool or fountain surrounded on all sides by the building’s rooms. It was a common all around the Mediterranean and then later brought over to latin America. The family’s private space complete with trees, flowers, sun and shade, and a water feature.