Should I get another ferret

I know most would say, if I’m asking the question, then no I shouldn’t, but hear me out.

I have a 3yr old jill and a 9month old jill. I got the latter after cocoa died,to give Daisy a friend. Now if one of them were to pass away, I would have to introduce another ferret, but to an older ferret. Would it be better in the long term if I got one now, whilst they are still young and happy to except a friend, or wait and hope for the best a few years down the line? I have space and time for a new friend and I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I know I would love another one, I just want to know what would be best for the 2 I have. Any advice is appreciated.

If you have space and time and love to give then do it. Ferrets are very social and would love another companion. Unfortunately “planning” on the basis of overlaps in lifespan will invariably fail, as life will throw you a curve ball. Just do what you are comfortable with and deal with what happens in the future in the future.


I totally agree with Ewan, as you said you’ve been thinking about it for a while, you have the space, time and desire to have another ferret so I would just go for it! Ferrets love making new friends and it sounds like you would be giving any new ferret a great life :heart:

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Go for it. In the ferret mind, the more the merrier.

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