Should i consider a ferret?


Hello, so ive always thought ferrets were awesome. The thing is I have other pets, i have 4 cats but after reading that ferrets and cats can get along this made me super giddy! But also i have a syrian hamster, in which google says there is a problem.

I love my cats amd hamster more than anything, and do have concerns about time s and the safety of my hamster. I am out from 11am til 9 or 10, but in 2 full days, as my cats live at another adress (complicated) but i read ferrets adjust to your time and sleep 16-18 hours. I suppose my major concern is how my hamster cam live in the same flat with a ferret and vice versa.

Can anyone just give me there thoughts on the situation?(im 100% accepting if nobody thinks this is an ok situation) ta

(Katy ) #2

Hi @PapalazaBuns, ferrets are great! We have 3. That being said, even though they sleep a lot of the day, they need to be out several hours of EVERY day. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a full time job or hobby, but are you prepared to let them out in the AM for several hours before you leave and also in the late PM when you get home…everyday? They also require a decent amount of maintenance and human interaction. As far as getting along with other pets, they can certainly do that. Mine love the dogs and play like they are long lost siblings, that being said our cat (who was here first and is quite the hunter) is off limits. She can’t be in the house while ferrets are present, she is mostly outside anyway. Same thing goes for your hamster, Ferrets are carnivorous meaning they can, and will, kill and eat rodents, rabbits, lizards, snakes…etc. If they think they can kill it, they may absolutely try. So, the idea of your hamster and ferret being bff’s is mostly likely not reality and not a great idea.

Only you can decide if you are ready to be a “Ferrent”, but take into consideration your existing pet obligations and the time and companionship that ferrets need.

Best of luck!
(annnd…Bear, Ruby, Buehla)