Returning farret owner

(Cooper) #1

Hello all,
First time on these forums. My name is Cooper and my girlfriends and i am huge salt water fish tank people. I finally was able to convince my fiance of how amazing farrets are! We just got two white farrets about 3 hours ago. I need some advice on fattening one up though. She is the sweetest girl but she needs some weight. Please give me some advice on food, treats or what ever can fatten her up fast!
Thank you so much in advance!

(Rachel) #2

You can get prescription pate from the vet to put on weight fast, otherwise you can make your own ‘duck soup’. In mine I boil chicken thighs with bones overnight until everything is soft, blend it all up, add ferret paste and ferretone and a little water until it’s smooth, then freeze what I don’t need in meal-sized quantities. You can order duck soup sachets online too, I’m sure.

(Mary McCarthy) #3

Hi, have a look at the FAQ on feeding a sick feret. There’s quite a few duck soup recipes there.