Researching before buying

Sorry this is so long.

So my husband and I will be getting some ferrets once things with the Covid 19 settle down. I have wanted one since I was seven years old. Now that I’ll be 30 next month I will finally get a few this year. About 11 years ago I researched the heck out of them because I was supposed to get one. However, life happens and the ferrets did not. Now I am for sure getting three within the year (as long as Covid 19 settles). I do have a vet lined up already. I know I will be getting the Ferret Nation double story cage with about 6 hanging items for them to sleep in (only three in the cage at once) I will make/buy more as times goes on. They will still be getting a plastic igloo to sleep in if they don’t want to hang out and sleep in a hammock. I have purchased a variety pack of cat toys (tunnels, balls and springs) that think they will enjoy also will be getting a nice ball pit with lots of balls. I will also be getting them a kong each. I also plan to use goodbye odor in their water.

Now for the things I will need some help on.

Are there any good grain free ferret foods out now? When I last looked they only offered Zupreem grain free which was primarily pea protein based. I currently plan on feeding them taste of the wild cat food both dry and canned with some duk soup.

Is a water bottle or bowl better for them? While on the topic are cermic bowls still reccommended or would they be better off with the type used for birds (the base screws in and then you lift and remove the bowl then drop it back in)?

Are corner or square litter boxes better? I will be using yesterdays news or something similar,made by a different company for the litter.

A lot of your questions are US based, so I can’t recommend the food we get here in UK. I don’t think we have that water odour thing either.

As for water bowls, without a doubt I prefer water bowl to water bottle. I just don’t believe they get the same intake thru a bottle as easy. But then it introduces a real issue in that they drag around water bowls! I bought loads before we finally landed on a large heavy ceramic bowl. They can’t get the grip on it to pick it up. But they do go behind it and push it, so we have it on a tray to collect spills still.

For the litter tray we bought a large corner one, but they never got on well with it. Because corner ones are a triangular shape, there isn’t actually much room, cos they face out away from the corner. We just use a large rectangular one. They love to stand up with the front feet on the sides when they go potty.

To fill the litter tray, there are plenty of options and plenty of opinion. You can just test a few and find your happy place. They all have pros and cons and different smells. I use World’s Best cat litter currently.

I use tall, large cat litter boxes for them. You tend to find if it’s the ones sold specifically for ferrets are too small and they’ll run out of room.
The greatest educational book on ferrets I think is Ferrets for Dummies. If you’re on Facebook join in each other’s ferret owning journeys by joining a ferret community group. :slight_smile:

@FinallyAFerrent. Robyn, there is numerous foods out there, several without grains, Marshall food is not bad, I currently use mazuri ferret, not the best, but good, it fits the criteria, for the hi protein, and fat that ferrets needs, we mix it with wysong, digestive support, which is very high in protein 60%, always , research, to find what is best for the furies, I have heard though, that this new pea protein, may not be the best thing for ferrets, in fact, in the dog world, several name brand products were pulled from store shelves, as they found it created health problems for dogs, hope this helps

Mine have an 8 X 10 plastic tub filled with water. But then they live in a large atrium and not a cage. They love getting their faces in the water or even their whole body if the weather gets hot. When l take them into the next room to play every morning, the first thing they do when returning is drink…3 or 4 will gather around the water.