Pole cat ferret

I have a RSPCA rescue Polecat cross, she has been ill since I got her, had an operation on lymph nodes to remove an infection, A couple of months after she had helecobacter infection she is on low dose antibiotics and stomach pills to control acid. She still vomits but rarely now. I can not really communicate with the vet, I am not really sure they want to treat her as she is pretty badly behaved, and can only be handled with anti bite gloves. She is only small but is capable of quite bad bites, she attacks ankles with a lot of aggression, I can not handle her. The only food she will eat is day old chicks, her fav part is chewing off the heads, I am advised she was ill treated and starved, and this has basically made her basically mad. She lives indoors I have spent months trying to get her friendly, I think the world of . Any advice would help.

Here’s a link to the nip training faq, generally just takes a lot of perseverance and sometimes they will never be fully trained.

Also, if you remotely feel that your vet doesn’t want to treat her then I would change vets immediately, for her own good. I had to change vets several times before I found a good one that’s ferret-knowledgable and happy to give them a thorough checkup.