Planning on moving out of the parents house

Any tips and tricks would be really helpful.
My self, partner and sister would all like to rent a house together here in the U.K. but even property’s that state pets considered are turning there noses up at the mention of ferrets. Between us we have 11 (my 7 and sisters 4) and while I understand that they can be destructive ours are mostly well behaved with the the exception of mollie and spud. We have already decided that the ferrets would be living in two businesses (Dexter (mine) Riley and ki) then a big group (Izzy, Cleo, Charlie, codeh, mollie, spud (mine) val and gizmo) as these are already ferrets that know each other very well and love each other dearly. [Riley and Dexter are siblings] Charlie and val are siblings] and [gizmo was introduced along with the triplets from the start] my group has seen my sisters ferrets once a week their whole lives with the exception of lockdown so everyone getting along will not be a problem.
We are all responsible pet owners as they are clean, well fed, up to date with any vaccines, microchipped and either implanted or spayed.
How can we possibly convince someone who has never met us that we are responsible as first impressions and stereotypes are rampant in a non ferret lovers mind???

I don’t actually think ferrets are “destructive”. They can make a mess, but that is all superficial. Scratching carpet at door entrances maybe. Certainly nothing like the damage that a dog or cat can do! I think you just need to attempt to explain that, and maybe offer a larger damage deposit to show your confidence?

As of 1 June 2019 it is only possible to offer up a max of 5/6 weeks rent as a Deposit depending on the value of the property to be rented. (EHO in training).