Personality and energy levels depending on age?

My boy Stash is just over 2 years old. He typically plays for an hour or two in the morning, sleeps all day except for pee & poop/eating, then plays for an hour or two in the evening- then bed time. My boys are free range and have lots of place to play. My newest boy Cash is 16 weeks ish, and he is much more energetic when he is awake, eats A LOT more than Stashy, but sleeps lots too lol. I’ve been assuming it’s normal?

Stash seemed to ‘milk it’ a bit when the new babe came home, but seems to have leveled out for the extra lethargy.

Anyone have similar situations with their little ones?

Yes it’s normal for their energy levels to change with age in much the same way as a dog will calm down a bit when it gets past the puppy stage.

There’s also a lot of variation between individuals too. I’ve got 3 who are much the same age, Olaf and Jasmine are manic whereas Flynn is very laid back, even lazy.