Outdoor Ferret Proof

Good evening, ferret fans :grin: Do any of you have outdoor ferret proof areas? We want to ferret proof our backyard for our business of 6, but we lack the know-how and are thirsty for ideas! Thanks

My garden is too big to fully ferret proof, not do I really think I’d ever be comfortable leaving them unattended, as they are miraculous when it comes to escape. They have a large outdoor home/enclosure, and I have made most of our garden ‘temporarily’ ferret proof. I.e. I’m comfortable watching them potter around, but if they really put some effort in I’d reckon they would find somewhere to climb up or dig under.

Oh yes, mine wouldn’t be left unattended outdoors anyway, but I’ve seen some videos of ferrets running around outdoors and I’d love for mine to be able to experience it leash-free someday.

I used sturdy 1inch square wire fencing around most of my garden border. Dug down a bit to prevent digging under. They can Def climb it, but the idea is that it just stops them when they dash for the sides. They are interested in exploring what is at ground level anyway rather than trying to climb up.

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The wire underground makes a lot of sense to me… I was considering tall stone walls, like the rectangular stone bricks you can get at a hardware store, maybe 3ft tall all around my fence line… Do you think that would work?

3ft would be the absolute minimum and you’d need to be careful about not having toys or other things they could climb on near the walls.

So long as they will be supervised at all times then go for it. They will love it.

l have an atrium and it’s incredible how high they can climb. One will climb up a window screen until she is 8 ft, off the ground and then have trouble getting back down so she holds onto the screen and it rips as she goes down. EVERYTHING needs to be ferret proof…the floor, sides and top. I had beautiful plants in my atrium and they destroyed everything with their digging. I now have only a few plants, with sturdy trunks and lots of river rocks around the base to keep them from digging.

You should also check for toxic insects and wildlife…we have toads here that can get into small spaces. my guys also like chasing and killing large insects like leafhoppers and tropical cockroaches. l think they eat them…only the legs remain.

The top will also need to be screened to protect them from hawks and owls.