Nip training Vs play fighting

Does nip training cover nips during play time? The vast majority of the time, their play-nipping is very light, but sometimes they are in a certain mood and nip quite hard. I don’t want to be overzealous with nip-training, such that they don’t think they can play with us.

I’m beginning to think that the harder nips are when I’ve been working in the garden and a but sweaty. Maybe the sweat taste makes them think I’m food?

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Depends on your tolerance. If the bites are hard, draw blood or the ferret get worked up a lot, I would nip train during play. I am “trying” to nip-train Sherri as she loves to chew my feet and then gets really worked up during play and it hurts. She’s proving a hard nut. On other hand, I don’t nip train Eccles as he just very gentle nibbles my knuckles. Ferrets nip-train one another during play when the other rough-houses too much. Humans are allowed the same - to play without fear of blood shed.


No blood shed, so not too bad. But will bear it in mind that it doesn’t put them of playing altogether, if they are used to each other getting annoyed with rough play.

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I agree totally it depends on your tolerance levels.

We used to take ours to public events where they got handled by the public so I wasn’t very tolerant of play nips.

We don’t do that anymore so I am more laid back about it.

So basically if you don’t mind it’s OK, if you do train them not to do it

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Great advice given already. Like Mary I used to take mine to events where they were handled by the public so nipping was a definite no. Now days we don’t do that so my girls will nip when playing and that’s ok :smile: