New to ferrets

Hi i recently got 2 ferrets charlie and river they are albino they live in a hutch outside and i love them but i got them impulsively so can someone tell me more advanced care please

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Hi Jade,
How are you getting on? It’s not the best idea to home any animal on impulse but now you have them you need to give them the best care that you can. Please tell us more about them and your circumstances so we can help you. How old are they? What are you feeding them? How big is their hutch and is it secure enough to house ferrets in? Are they male or female?

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Hi i’m getting on pretty well thankyou. i know it was a bad idea to buy them they are more work than i thiught but worth every bit of it. they are male and female charlie(male) is 3 and river(female) is 2. the hutch is 2 foot by 4 foot and is a double layer i think it’s big enough and yes it is secure. i feed them zupreem ferret kibble which they like alot and spend 4 hours with them playing

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The hutch isn’t huge but as it’s double layer and the are getting plenty of playtime it will be doable.

I hope they are both neutered or you’ll need a bigger hutch soon!

I’d recommend you have a good read of our FAQs section which covers a lot of issues.

I would suggest you add at least one more brand of food to their mix, sometimes they can get fixated on one food and it causes issues if that becomes unavailable for some reason

Feel free to share lots of photos and ask any questions you come up with.


Pleased to hear you are enjoying them @ferret_lover. Great advice from Mary about our FAQ section and also feeding more than one brand of food. I take it they are neutered, if not then by now I guess you will have an expectant mother.

Hi there, @ferret_lover! Welcome to the wonderful world of ferret ownership.

One thing you need to be very careful about is the temperature. Ferrets are uncomfortable at ambient temperatures of around 80°F (26°C), and above that can be dangerous for them. They can easily and very quickly get heatstroke, which can be fatal for them in a matter of minutes. For this reason, unless you live in a cold climate where the summers are mild (below 80°F) ferrets should not be kept outside.

I agree with @Wilbur’s advice on mixing kibbles. It’s a good idea to feed your ferrets a mix of 2 or 3 kibbles just in case a brand goes off the market. Ferrets are notoriously picky eaters and may refuse to switch to a new brand entirely. It’s also very important that they are fed a high-quality diet with a high (meat!) protein and fat count with no grains and very little fiber. Diet plays a crucial role in preventing insulinoma, which ferrets are very prone to. Here is a helpful kibble comparison chart:

I recommend Wysong Epigen 90 Digestive Support, but if you choose to use this brand, be sure to introduce it very slowly so your fuzzies don’t get diarrhea. I gradually added it to my boys’ diet over the course of a month (10%, then 15% a few days later, and so on) with no issues.

Good luck, and congrats on your new ferrets!

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Hi i really do love my fuzzies thankyou and i think they are ok outside i live in england so it’s always cold :joy: and thanks for the advice on mixing kibble mine are on james wellbeloved mixed with zupreem right now and seem to like it but i will mix other kibbles just to be safe they are both fixed


Sounds like you have the ferret bug @ferret_lover. They will be fine outside. Just make sure they have plenty of shade, get lots of time out of their home for play and ensure they are secure as they are the animal worlds greatest escape artists and if they can get out they will.