My 5 yr old Jill had a seizure?

Has anyone here had a ferret have a seizure? I have 5 year old girl who has shown no problems with anything before this morning. When she woke up she was walking leaning to one side. Like she had vertigo and she didn’t want eat. I picked her up and cuddled into her blanket so I sat holding her for a while. Then she start what seemed like hiccups,the she threw up and was foaming at the mouth. She was unresponsive after that but was still breathing.i immediately googled her symptoms and it seems to me like she had a seizure. I brought her in the kitchen and gave her watered down syrup water. It took her a little bit but she finally started to come to. I took her in her room and fed her “soup”, which is her food (wysong epigen 90) ground up and mixed with warm water. I feed her and her brother this twice a day and I leave fresh kibble and water out for them all day. She ate quite a bit and then went to sleep she seems pretty normal now. I plan on making a vet appointment first thing in the morning as today is Sunday and they are not open but wanted to see if anyone has experienced anything like this.

Seizures in ferrets are often the first sign of insulinoma. Take her to the vet and get them to check her blood sugar.