Long time no see!

Hey guys, I haven’t logged in for a while. This past year my partner and I purchased a small town home, since then, I have dreamed of building a ferret play/living area when we are able to buy a larger space with backyard.

I was curious to see your ferret areas at home? Please share billow. I currently just have a ferret nation cage (nothing special😂).

l bought a home in the tropics that included an interior atrium. l had the dirt covered with brick immediately. My cats thought it the the world’s largest litter box. After experiencing the torrential rains here l had glass windows with screens installed. Now some warning about plants. They will dig and destroy any and all small plants. l have 3 in their space, all with large sturdy trunks and leaves. l have watched a ferret climb halfway up the tree trunk or go up the window screen to about 8 ft, high and then use her nails to dig a hole in the screen and slide down. At each corner l have one of those medium sized plastic dog houses…one with a towel for burrowing and sleeping and the other with their kibble dish. Interesting they only sleep in the sleep house and just eat in the other. There are also many tunnels. A long one made from 4 inch white PVC pipe cut into many small segments with Y and T shaped connectors. The form can be changed when you clean the habitat (and notice l did say habitat) from a long tunnel to a zig-zag to a U-shaped. They like to explore the different shapes. There is also a small plastic tub half full of water that they like to stick their faces in or on a hot day go the whole way in. Another plastic tub that is half full with river sand for them to dig in. And a couple of small rotten branches that l found along side the road. between the sand, bricks and wood l have never had to trim their nails. In my opinion for an outdoor habitat you will definately need something on the ground or they will dig their way out and the area will look like WW1 trenches. If you want to have plants, they should be in tall pots with a double layer of river rocks around the bas and whatever plant you get should have a strong trunk and you will need to check with the plant nursery to find out if any are toxic. Now not knowing the area of the country you’re moving to, l would find out from a local vet if the enclosure needs bug screen for mosquitos or ticks. Some protection along to top to protect them from owls and hawks. My idea would be something like a chicken coop with the wood part against the side property line and the opening facing the yard so they can see out. The wood section would be about 4 ft wide with a roof to give shade and protect from rains or snows. The open air section should be at least that big or bigger. Against the wood wall, PVC tubes could be mounted to the walls with places for them to look out. Slightly off the ground could be a couple of wooden nesting boxes filled with straw. I’ll bet they would love to burrow in that…they might sneeze more. My atrium is 8 ft. wide X 17 ft. long and l have 5 ferrets happily living there.

! (upload://clYe2e7AERccDNHlSxeE6KOuDIW.jpeg)