Litter issues

(Marci Duke) #1

Hey all! New here!

We got two ferrets(bro and sis) from local pet shop about a month ago as kits (6ish weeks old when we got them).

They’ve been great and are so fun, however we are having issues with the litter box use. Our male, Apollo, does great. Uses it in and our of the cage. Our female, Starbuck, not so much. She did great the first week home. We bought a playpen for them until we could Ferret proof a room. The pen is about 4ft by 7ft. We had one box in the corner at the time, but she started using the potty in an opposite corner, so we got two more corner boxes and put them there. So essentially we have three boxes in this pen. She still won’t use them.

We use kaytee critter litter, which they also used at the pet shop. We did venture and try a paper based pellet but they both hated it and refused to use it so we went back to critter two weeks ago. She will use the bathroom on the floor right outside the box, and also started doing the same when in her cage.

We finally got around to ferret proofing a room, it’s carpeted, unfortunately so not easy cleanup, but we have three corner boxes in the room and she still won’t use them. We’ve managed to get her to use the litter pan in her cage by putting a blanket on the floor of the cage rather than paper bedding. But when out of the cage she refuses. We got some puppy pads and put them where she uses the bathroom (always next to wall but not always a corner) and she won’t use those either. At this point she is ruining the carpet, and we’re at a loss as to how to get her to use the pan. I understand accidents and that’s fine, but this is every single bathroom trip and it’s always within six inches of the pan/pad. I’ve even seen her go to the pad/pan areas and play, then leave it, poop right outside it and return back to the pad.

Any suggestions? I’m glad she is using it in her cage now but it’s getting pretty frustrating that she wont use it outside the cage. And she poops a lot… Literally every 10-15 minutes.


(Mary McCarthy) #2

Does she poop in any particular place? It’s often a case of putting a tray in their preferred place

(Marci Duke) #3

Yes. But when I put a box there, she will still use it either in a different place or right outside that box. I’ve starting putting puppy pads down and she seems to be using those more than the boxes, but now the male is refusing to use them. 🤦.

As for the cage, I stopped using shredded paper bedding and started putting a towel on the bottom of the cage and she will use the box in the cage now.

(Mary McCarthy) #4

Yes that’s another good trick, cover the floor with bedding or toys. They do usually avoid pooping on those.

Rest assured you are not alone. Some of them are little buggers and the “effort” of getting their bum into a litter tray us all too much for them.