Litter box training - HELP!

(Anthony) #1

We recently bought a 5-week-old ferret and we’re having a really tough time training him to use the litter box. We’ve done a lot of research and tried many techniques. We have a corner box with a grate that bolts to the cage. We’ve now gotten to the point where he can go behind the box, lift it off the hinges (no matter how tight), rip the grate off and upturn the box so all the litter spills out. He uses every corner of the 3-tier cage BUT the box. We’ve tried with and without the grate. We’ve tried various litters (he just digs and plays in it). If he’s in the middle of going to the bathroom, and we catch him in time, we put him in the box, and of course he’ll use it then. We’ve put large objects in all the other corners as a deterrent, but he just goes in front of them. We’ve moved his feces from the various corners and put it in the box like many people have suggested, but it doesn’t make a difference. It’s as if he just doesn’t want to use the box and wants it out of his cage. We’re hoping this has a lot to do with him being so young, but we’re getting desperate and feel as if he’s never going to learn to use the box.

(Yuselin Martin) #2

As far the the litter box been lifted my little guy used to do it too so I put screws in it to hold it from the bottom part of the cage and he wasn’t bale to lift it anymore. I got one of those buttlefly that you can screw and unscrew to clean in case of a big mess.

(Anthony) #3

Thank you for the idea!

(Jess) #4

I thought it was this post that I saw it but it must not have been… Someone was posting about litter training, and they took old t-shirts/ rags and laid them lining the rest of the cage around the litter box. Typically the ferrets won’t go to the bathroom on the clothing and it’ll force them to go in the litter box to poo/pee. I’m testing this technique today, they’re free rein so they have been using their litter box outside of their kennel, but tonight will be the big test and see. :crossed_fingers::smile: