Lethargic, won't eat

(Judith) #1

Our 5 year old ferret Peanut, who has always been a voracious eater, suddenly stopped eating about 4 weeks ago. With a lot of coaxing I got him eating a little again (fresh meat and salmon oil, ferretvite etc), albeit he has not eaten any kibble since. We have taken him to the vet whose only suggestion was maybe his teeth need cleaning, everything else seemed fine, no lumps etc. Today he won’t eat at all. Has anyone any experience of anything like this and can offer any advice?

(Donna Brooke) #2

Hi Judith
Straight back to the vet I’m afraid. A ferret who isn’t eating will go down hill very quickly. I would suggest you ask for an xray or scan they may not be able to feel anything but that does not mean there is nothing there. Has he been pooing properly? Could he have a blockage in his bowel? Please don’t delay getting him looked at and let us know how he is doing