Just found a ferret

Hi ! I just found a ferret. Although I am an animal lover I have no experience with ferrets, and thought that asking you guys might be helpful :slight_smile: we found him last night in a very rural area, he is very thin and infested with ticks, and I feel a little out of my depth.
I have put him in an old rat cage with bedding, he has had Frontline for his ticks, and he has had water and eaten boiled egg and dried cat food. Is there anything else I can do for him before we hopefully find his owner? Am I doing anything wrong?
thank you in advance

Hi @Withlovefromthecrows

How’s your stray doing? What colour is he/she and are you absolutely sure it’s a ferret. Given that you say it was a very rural spot there is a chance you have picked up a very sick wild polecat. If you have than you need to be very careful as it will bite as it regains it’s strength and they are ferocious. They can and will bite through bones in your had and fingers. Please don’t give any more cat food or boiled eggs. Do you have any raw mince or chicken? If so this would be better. The cat food is ok very short term as an emergency stand by but only if it is a premium brand with a high meat content. Be careful with the Frontline too as it can be bad to use on ferrets who are ill or under weight. Where abouts are you?

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I totally agree with Donna on everything, and if you are local enough to one of us maybe we could help. You could maybe pop by a petshop and buy a tick twister, it safely removes the ticks as any treatment takes time to kick in, roughly two weeks I think. Vets can offer high calorie pates or you could buy Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup online, I’ve found its great for putting weight on sick ferrets quickly, pets at home and the likes sell ferret food, it’s more expensive than online but the sooner the wee thing gets proper food the sooner it should pick up

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Hi there, how is the little guy doing? Any luck on finding the owner?

I agree with what was said about the cat food. It can certainly be used in an emergency, but since he is underweight, I would look for something more nutritionally complete. If you can afford to, you can order Carnivore Care from Amazon. It is a recovery food that comes in powder form that you mix with water, and it will meet all of his nutritional needs and may help him gain weight. One of my ferrets is dealing with some health issues right now, and Carnivore Care has been a godsend. I feed him the recommended 6-7 tablespoons broken down into 3-4 daily feedings, and he loves it. I’ve found that letting him lick it as I slowly dispense it out of a medicine syringe works best for us.

The ticks should definitely be addressed immediately, as ferrets can quickly become anemic and this is life-threatening for them. Have him evaluated by a vet if you can.

Good luck, and thanks for taking care of him.