Introducing new ferrets

Hi guys, not been on here for a while. My one ferret passed away on April fools day. Last week I got 2 new kits. Introductions went well, and on day 3 the new kits decided they were gonna sleep in Daisy’s cage with her. I left them all curled up asleep together. What I have noticed tho, is that Daisy completely dominates the one kit, literally dragging her back to the bedroom regardless of what she is doing. Then the kit will run to me for safety. None of this is nasty, there’s no blood and the 2yr old Jill just talks at her, there is no screaming, just feeble complaining.

Is this normal? Or should I separate them for longer?

Im letting daisy and the kits play together, then popping daisy back in her cage if she’s getting too much, only for a minute or two, then letting her back out again… She is slowly learning to let the kit play.

Daisy is a micro, and the kits are only 9wks. The one she leaves alone is almost as big as her now… Got a feeling in a few weeks this kit will be alpha, but do I still leave them together til then?

That’s so sad. Always heartbreaking to lose a fur baby :cry:
I would honestly just leave them together and let them get on with it, as long as there’s no blood and the kit isn’t terrorised. Sometimes us intervening can cause the domination to go on for longer.
Also, it might surprise you and Daisy might stay the alpha, a medium sized jill of mine is alpha in my group of ten and I have boys double the size of her :joy:

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