Introducing new ferret

Hi I am getting a new ferret and would like to know if there is a special introduction process when he meets my current ferret Both are Gibbs if that makes a difference

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Hi and welcome :smiley:
Tell us a bit more about your ferrets. How old are they, what are their living arrangements going to be, are you able to keep them separated?

We have an Intros FAQ that maybe helpful to you,

Hello, I’m introducing two different ferrets for the 1st time and I’m looking for advice. My old one, Pixie is a 2 years old and my new little one is Lily and she is 9 weeks (just been taking from her littler and is constantly crying for attention, I’m giving her it as much as I can, but understand that she needs to get used to being around less ferrets and needs to adapt to her new home, she came from a very large business). Pixie is ragging her, I separate straight away considering the size difference if I leave them to sort it out I’m afraid that Lily will get badly injured. I have tried the oil and pixie moves from her neck to her lower bad and just repeats. I admit its only been a few days but Lily is very distress about not having anyone o cuddle with and I’m afraid that Pixie is too set in her ways, other that her own litter she has always been a solo ferret. Any advice will be very welcome.

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Unfortunately when you are introducing new ferrets there will be ragging it’s pretty unavoidable. As long is you supervise and there is no broken skin or real aggression then it really is the only way. I find that constantly keeping them separate just prolongs the agony. Some of our members will disagree I am sure and you can find other advice HERE

Let us know how you get on

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