I want to get a Ferret

(Mya) #1

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I love Ferrets. I have been researching about them for awhile now. I still need a lot of information before deciding on getting one. If you have any information on

  • Kibble recommendations

  • Cages I should look into getting

  • Types of Toys I should get them

  • What are the main items I need to purchase for a ferret?

Any other information would be so helpful! Thank you xo

(Abigail House) #2

before you buy a ferret, i think you need to know a few things, you can find out more info here https://ferretvoice.com/ferret-care/ about choose ferret guide

(Mary McCarthy) #3

I don’t want to put you off just because of your age, you are taking a very responsible approach.

However there are a couple of considerations, firstly are your parents/carers willing to cover any vet care needed. Also ferrets can live up to 10 years, by which time you may well have left home. Would your parrnts/carers be willing to take on the ferrets care if you are unable to take it with you.

For your other questions I’d recommend a good read of our FAQ section.