I need litter training help! 😞

Hi! New ferret owner here!
My husband has always talked about getting them, he had them when he was growing up.

Long story short, I’m having a really hard time litter training my boys. They sleep in a cage at night with a corner box, and they do OK. They will go to the bathroom in and out of the box at night. During the day they have a playpen with a box, I’ve tried a few different kinds, and they don’t seem to like any. I tried using the one from their cage, but they just make a mess with it because it can’t hook on to anything in the pen. The one we’re currently using and kind of working is a high sided cat litter box, I put a rack at the bottom to help them from sliding around. They also aren’t super thrilled about the “ferret litter”, but it’s kind of working with the rack so far.
I praise them when they go in it, give them treats. But they still go in a corner the next time.
I’m almost to the point of giving up, I have been very close to renominates this. But I have grown to love them now, and even though I get SUPER frustrated it kills me to have to give them up.
ANY ideas, thoughts would be super helpful!
Sorry for the long post! Thanks in advance!

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It’s quite a frequent problem so you’re not alone, and also this means that there is plenty of advice from similar threads on here. Have a quick look around.

I don’t quite get the ‘rack’ point, not why they would slide around. Is it a large pellet type material? This may be a case of changing your litter. Try a few different ones over time. Mine seem to be quite accepting of anything. But I’d surely expect the ‘pellet’ type of litter to be less comfortable and appealing for them to walk in.

You can try and transfer a poop from their cage litter box into the playpen litter box every day, hence they learn what the purpose of that litter box is.

Another very effective option is to place clothing/fleece/blankets etc in the corners except the litter box. Ferrets will choose not to go to the toilet on material that seems like bedding to them. In some cases people have covered the entire area with blanket except the litter tray, hence leaving that the only option to toilet in. This may need only to be a temporary measure.

Finally, when I wake my fuzzies up to take them into the house, I get them to get toilet straight away. So you could try waking them up from the cage and putting them straight into the playpen litter for them to do their morning poops. You might have to keep putting them back in a couple times as mine sometimes jump straight out without going toilet. Again, having a poop already in there that you put there from their cage litter will instantly remind them what the purpose of this litter tray is.

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Try putting bedding, food and water where they have accidents and clean it up and then put the waste in the box theyre more likely to excrete in places that smell of waste

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