How to pick the right ferret?

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I have been on and off researching ferrets for a good while now, and have recently got back into it as I’m really hoping to bring home a fuzzy of my own this year at some point. One thing I was thinking about today was how do you pick the right ferret from a litter? I have considered rescuing/rehoming but sadly in Ireland there are no ferret specific rescues and our other rescues rarely have ferrets :frowning: Rehoming an adult ferret from somewhere such as donedeal or adverts is an option, but again, there are rarely suitable ferrets looking for homes anyway, but if there are I am certainly open to the idea. But do think bringing home a kit from a litter may be a slightly better option for me, as I’d like to bond from the beginning, go through the training (although I know it can be very tough at times!), get him/her eating a variety of different foods to prevent issues in the future, and just generally bring him/her up myself, if that makes any sense? Not that I’m against bringing home an adult/older ferret, as I’ve said, I’m really not! Just love the idea of bringing home a little baby fuzzy of my own. Anyway, back to the original question - how do I pick the right ferret? do I look for a kit that is more relaxed and easy going, yet still playful enough and active/healthy of course? I would love to find a well rounded ferret if possible, but whatever challenges come I’m ready to face them either way. Our pet room that we just had built out the back garden is currently being done up, getting flooring/heating for winter etc. and sorting it all out for the pets, will be the main home of the ferret. She/he will have their cage and supplies in it, but of course they’ll get playtime in the house and in the garden with supervision/harness and lead and come out and about every once in a while too. Lots of playtime in the pet room, which will be completely pet/ferret proof and safe for him/her to roam for a few hours daily as well. Anyway, thank you for reading! I did ramble quite a lot ahaha! :smiley:

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That’s a hard question to answer. The whole litter should look healthy. They should all be plump and clean with clear eyes. They should be interested in exploring and hopefully well handled so not shy. But as for picking just one, well I was never very good at that and once came home with 11 of them :astonished: Are you in Northern or Southern Ireland. Would it be possible for you to visit a mainland rescue and take a ferret home with you? You just have to go and meet them and see which little character picks you :smile:


Southern :frowning: Unfortunately I don’t think so as most rescues will only adopt out to people in the UK… Thanks for the tips though :smiley: 11 wow!!