How to keep your ferret busy!

(Katy ) #1

God love cat toys! Ours absolutely love this thing and the baby has been at it for 5 minutes, can you believe it?! 5 minutes concentrating on one thing… unheard of. I think he’s a bit dizzy now though. Lol

(Donna Brooke) #2

What a great toy. Adorable little guy too.

(Katy ) #3

Thanks! He’s a great little guy so far!

(Craig) #4

That’s brilliant :joy: that’s made me laugh.

Cheers Craig


Wonderful idea! I had thought about getting one for mine, but wasn’t sure if they would take to it. Question answered!

(Katy ) #6

Yes! They absolutely love it and it is quite durable! To keep them from dragging it away, we attached the 4 little feet to a board…voila! Best $10 spent!