Help! Food options for elderly ferret

I rescued a elderly ferret about a year ago her name is Riley! When I got her she was missing some teeth but she still ate totally fine but lately I have noticed she is having a bit of trouble. I was wondering if there is any soft food options or a way to possibly soften her kibble. She is very picky it took me a WHILE to finally get majority healthy kibble in her bowel so I worry she will refuse. She was eating meow mix kitten when I got her and to this day if I don’t mix a few pieces in with her good kibble mix she wont eat… Thank you in advance for help!

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Hi Rachel @EpicRainbolt3
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What a cutie! You could always try introducing some raw meat to her diet. Maybe try a small amount of minced beef to start with and then try adding other things if she takes to it. You could also try some of the duck soup recipes below

A “simple” duck soup recipe: (sorry originator unknown)

2 duck legs
1lb turkey mince
3-4 tblsp olive oil
1 cup kibble
Boil meat in a pan of water (with the olive oil) until the meat drops off the bone. strip the duck legs, remove the bones, add crushed kibble and blend (while hot) to a smooth paste. contents can then be poured into ice cube trays for freezing when cooled.
I add a small amount of double cream to the soup prior to serving.

Some sick ferrets will eat if you put the food over your fingers, they will lick it off,

Another Ducksoup recipe (Clive Slade)

5 chicken Wings
1 cup of normal Ferret biscuits (James Wellbeloved/Vitalin etc )
half a cup Olive oil
1 egg
Optional convalescent powder from Vet (Royal Canin Convalescence Support Instant Diet) comes in a 50g Sachet.
Ferretone or other ferret oil
Lactose free Milk or unsweetened Soya Milk
I take about a cup of Ferret biscuits, we use a mix of James Wellbeloved and Vitalin, place in a large bowl, and cover in warm water. Leave to soak for an hour or so. It should be a stiff porridge sort of mixture, that you can just stir, but a spoon will stand up in
Take the chicken wings, bones, skin, meat, the lot, and put them in a Pressure cooker, Pressure cook for 1 hour 15 mins. Our Pressure cooker needs 1 and a half pints of water for that long.
The bones will have turned to dust after this amount of time in the Pressure cooker, and you can use one of those electric hand blenders to turn the chicken into a thick soup
Put the egg (Shell as well) and Olive oil into a cup, and use the hand blender to mix and destroy the shell.
Add this to the Chicken, again using the blender to mix it all up.
Now add the soaked Ferret biscuits, blending until it is all thoroughly mixed.
If all has gone according to plan, it should be like a pale Hummus on both consistency and look.
Pour the mix into Ice trays, or you can buy mini airtight containers from the £1 shop (5 for £1) and used those. They are about 2.5 inches square, and about an inch deep.
Freeze them. With the Ice trays, after about 24 hours, you can turn them out, into a polythene bag. Sometimes they can be a bit hard to get out of the trays, but I found if you briefly float the tray in hot water, they pop out quite easily. Put the bags of loose cubes back into the freezer ready for use.
When you want to use them, get one or two frozen cubes out of the freezer a couple of hours early, or microwave them for about 30 - 40 seconds from frozen in a shallow dish.
Mix the cubes with some hot water, Ferretone and a bit of the Milk, to make a soup. Add the Convalescent powder if you want. I usually make it just hotter than blood heat, as the ferrets seem to prefer it warm.

Another recipe, origin unknown
Duck Soup Recipe:

5-10 Chicken wings boiled till the meat drops off the bone;
1 mug ferret kibbles (can be mix of different kibbles) soaked in hot water + the water from the chicken boiling process to porridge like consistency;
2 or 3 boiled eggs (shells removed as this is a convelesence version)
Blend chicken wing meat and skin + rest of ingredients together
Add 1/3rd pint of Chicken Complan (made with water)
Add 3 teaspoons ferretone + good squeeze of malt paste (these are optional and can be missed out if fert has really dodgy stomach).
Forms a nice gloopy humous like mix then freeze using ice cube trays, and defrost/warm up add little water (or cats milk) to make upto a suitable soup consistency to pull into the syringe.
We read that 90ml a day alone should keep a ferret alive and hydrated but it will lose weight; 100ml+ of Duck Soup + 100ml Water should see it gain weight. Has worked for our guy.
The soup is better served warm (just warm enough for the back of your hand to notice, but not too hot) - we just melt ours down (as it goes solid in the fridge) in a pot over hot water and add a teaspoon or two to water it down a little more.

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You could also try uncle jim’s duck soup, it comes in a sachet and you just add water. Have you tried just softening her food with warm water? Just boil the kettle and put in the water so it can soak into the kibble and allow it to swell, let it cool down enough for your girl to eat and it shouldn’t be hard on her teeth.