Hello everyone

(Caroline Martin) #1

Hello. I’m new to this group and would like to say hello and introduce you to my fur babies. Until recently I had a polecat named Freddie and an albino named Dennis. Sadly Dennis passed away just before Christmas and Freddie started pining so we had to find him a friend. We found a new rescue who was named Alfie who was an older boy but we thought we’d at least have a year or two but then 4 weeks later, he sadly passed away too. Poor Freddie has had a rough time of it bless him. However yesterday we found Freddie 2 new rescued friends of about the same age as him and they get on like a house on fire so Freddie is happy again and that’s all that matters. Freddie is the darker of the 3 in the picture.

(Mary McCarthy) #2

Welcome to the forum <3

Poor Freddie, he certainly looks happy now though. They look like they’ve been together for years.

(Hilary Anderson) #3

Hi and welcome. A trio of lovely ferrets. So sorry for your losses. They are very hard to deal with for the survivors, ferret or human.