Good cage?


these are the measurements: 28"x17"x40" (70 x 42 x 104cm)

would this cage be a good enough size for a single ferret? even just as a kit? (I could save up for a ferret nation or similar if needed)

edit: forgot to add, I have seen the double version of this cage and it was a nice enough size but I wouldn’t say it’d be big enough for ferrets, so I think this one should be a good size, seen as its the triple story?

edit 2: whoops! forgot to add that i’d cover the flooring and ramps as they’re mesh, either with lino or fleece/mat or similar flooring :wink:

thanks, roxi.

other possible options:

these are both larger I think, but they are on amazon so I’d have to get them posted instead of somewhere I can drive to pick it up like the first cage, which is in a pet shop. not a huge deal though! :slight_smile:

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I had one identical to the first one, I kept two very small kits (one micro) in it for a month or so while waiting for my new hutch to arrive and it did the job but I wouldn’t really advise getting it. As soon as they start growing it gets quite cramped and it is a NIGHTMARE to clean.
Also, I saw you mentioned a single ferret, you would be better getting two as ferrets love company and humans generally aren’t enough for them and they can be there for each other when you’re not. It’s easy to say that you can dedicate so many hours every day for the next eight to ten years, but much harder to do so :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi and welcome to the forum @roxi

This cage looks like it has wire floors which makes it totally unsuitable for ferrets. The floors cause a painful condition called bumble foot where the foot becomes inflamed and infected from standing on the wire. It’s common in rats and guinea pigs too.

Ferrets are definitely better in pairs so if your circumstances allow then you should consider this.

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ahh! thank you for the information. i’ll avoid that cage then! i will try to get a pair if i can. i was hoping to bond closely with a single ferret and spend almost all my time with him/her around the house and the pet room while i’m going about my day and put in a lot of one on one training, playtime, socialization etc. and then eventually adopt two more ferrets to create a trio. but yeah you’re right it would be better for him/her to have a friend of their own kind to play and snuggle with from the beginning.


hiya, thank you! :slight_smile:
yes, I definitely noticed the flooring so i was planning on covering it with a new surface, but i’ll be getting a different cage now anyway! bumblefoot is really awful yeah :frowning:
for sure will consider getting a pair, and if not, will bring home two more ferrets a bit later on after training, socializing and bonding with the first baby, to create a trio :smiley:

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Good luck whatever you decide. I did mean to mention your pet room. I noticed you are planning to heat it. Even in the winter your ferret will be warm enough without heating. They are really susceptible to heat stroke so it is much better for them to be in the cold and provide them with lots of warm bedding for sleeping in. In the winter they grow good thick coats even when living inside if the conditions are right. mine live indoors, they have no heating and the windows are open all the time. In winter it gets pretty cold in their room and it’s never been too cold for them.

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are playpen and cage are different for ferrets? i do have two ferrets, they play in house and make my house littel messy which play pen i should buy ?

Hi Isaac @naturalbirdslove

I don’t use playpens so can’t advise which is best. I can only say remember that ferrets are the animal worlds best escape artists. Any playpen you choose consider if they may be able to squeeze out of any gaps including the bars. Can they climb out, are there any zips they can learn to undo? Can they lift the bottom of the pen and get out that way? And lastly if you are going to use a playpen they must be supervised at all times so that they can’t get injured or stuck.

yeah, I have read about the fact that ferrets can overheat very quick in hot weather and prefer to stay cool. I forget what I said exactly (i’ll have a look in a second) but for “heating” we’re just going to be insulating it, don’t know why I said heating in the first place i’m stupid, I meant insulated aha! and the electricity is for the snake and gecko’s heat mats for their vivs. In the summer i’ll have cooling mats in the cage as well :slight_smile: thanks x