Getting a puppy

Anybody have experience introducing a puppy to a ferret? I’ve been thinking about getting a dog and I have two ferrets. 7 months and 2 years.

My mum’s pups are quite unsure of the ferrets, they’re 8 months now, their mum loves the ferrets, the other adult is a squirrel catcher so she’ll snap at them through their cage occasionally, the male pup is just nervous around them and keeps his distance, and the female pup will try and go for them if she gets the chance. The dogs don’t live with me so aren’t around the ferrets all the time, and can’t fully get used to them, it’s just something I’d be wary of. Plus ferrets have been known to go for dogs, my first ferret bit a husky on the nose and lived to tell the tale.

I got my ferrets 7 months ago and needed to introduce them to my 4 cocker spaniels (around 5-7 yrs, old) and my 2 cats (15 & 2 yrs. old). The ferrets live in an interior glassed-in atrium so they can see into the house and the pets can watch them. For the first couple of days I would go into the atrium a couple of times a days and interact with the ferrets while the other pets watched from outside. Oh they were very excited about seeing such small creature that moved so fast. After a few days, I would open the door a few inches, pick a ferret up and let the dogs or cat sniff butts and noses. After a few days of sniffing, I would let a dog or cat into the atrium and they could interact for 5 minutes. A few days after that I would bring a ferret into the TV room in the evening (when the dogs were most quiet and sleepy) and then them interact with me in the room. After about a month or so all the dogs and the younger cat (the 15 yr. old is not the least bit interested in the newcomers) get along wonderfully. My advice for a puppy would be take it slow, always be there until you can totally trust your dog. Ferrets are amazingly perspective. My oldest dog is somewhat of a curmudgeon (growling but nothing more) and my ferrets have learned to respect his boundaries. He’s never hurt them but at times he can sure sound like trouble. Now after 6 months, I can say that they rule the roost. Both the dogs and the cat will get out of the way when the ferrets are out.