Fun laundry toys

You probably have one or more of these around your home anyway. My girls absolutely love my 4-sided mesh laundry hamper. When they see it at the door, they line up to be picked up and placed in the hamper. They then get to be taken to the TV room while they run around l watch TV. They absolutely love playing in and over that hamper. It can fold flat while they do the ‘road kill posture’ on top or underneath. They will nose their way inside and then use their nose to ‘inflate’ the square mesh hamper and rotate the sides several times. All of mine do this to the hamper. They will also do little mini-combats with one ferret on the inside and another on the outside. Or my cat will play on the outside of the mesh hamper and ‘attack’ the ferret inside. l also let them play with my plastic round hamper. They love pocking their
noses thru the holes and rotating it like a hamster wheel. A word of caution- l’ve read of ferrets sleeping in laundry piles and then accidentally placed in the washer where they drowned.


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My ferrets love playing in my mesh hamper too! One will be on the outside and another in and they’ll play like that.

My cat likes to hang out in and on the hamper. I’ve used it to carry him to the vet. With it’s opem top and all around view it is less stressful on him than in the heavy plastic carrier.