Free range many in a space?

I have 3 ferrets, a brother/sister pair and a female albino, in an atrium 8 X 15 ft. I live in tropical Mexico. I am considering another male or possibly 2 more ferrets. Any information about multiple ferrets living together in a large space or how males/females get along would be greatly appreciated.

Mine have never been in a cage since I got them other than the carrier for a visit to the vet. thanks, Sara

You’ve certainly got the room to add at least a couple more to your group.
I’ve found through experience that some settled groups especially containing older ferrets are hardest to add to.
Kits tend to take things more in their stride and oldies not so! I’ve had very successfull intros and some just weren’t gonna happened.
Largest group I’ve had was 7 and they were placed together fairly early in their lives(sadly now all passed) and a group boss was quickly established.
Some ferrets will tolerate it and some won’t and it’s being able to make adjustments if things don’t work out.
Ideally you would be able to take your existing ferrets to meet the newbies on neutral ground to judge any possible clashes.
Best of luck with your additions if you decide you’d like more.

Cheers Craig

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Thank you for your responses. I bought another one today from Petco. I live in Mexico and there are no rescues near me. I got a young female and I put her in the carrier directly into the atrium. The carrier smelled like my ferrets since I had to take them to the vet a couple of weeks ago. Maybe that helps, having a current ferret smells on the carrier. My guys sniffed noses for a couple of minutes, no posturing or strange noises. I opened the carrier up and my 3 went inside to check her out. After a few minutes they all came out and the newbie explored her new habitat…….I’m sure she never had anything like what I have in her past experience. A large atrium 12 X 8 ft. with sun/shade/rain/dry, potted plants (you need something with a thick base and lots of river rock around the root/dirt areas)![DSCF4338|666x500](upload://6tj6LQIsKkS4DevjjUwphnvc2N.jpeg), a sand dig box, large tubes to climb thru, an old tree branch to sharpen nails on and lots of toys. I think I have not had problems introducing newbies (my albino and this current one) because of the amount of space/habitat that they have and the fact that they are all less than a year old. I can understand problems that you folks have if you need to keep you ferret(s) in a jail-like cage.


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I have a group of ten living together, they’re in an outside hut with plenty of space to run about and play, a few squabbles now and again but I’d say that’s normal :joy: