Found young ferret

Hi all, so last week my father discovered a ferret in his workshop and long story short she (we think) is living with us. We’ve had a range of pets and wild animals with us over the years so it’s nothing we’re not used to, however she is the first ferret. So inevitably we ran out to stock up on supplies, we believe she’s a only a couple of months old but she is very friendly and covered in fleas. I was wondering how old you all think she is? Anyways she is an escape artist and enjoys wiggling through the bars of her cage, we were thinking take it to pieces and line the inside with rodent wire so she can’t get her head through, but I was looking for any other suggestions as well? We have a terrier and cats so it’s important she stays where she’s supposed to.

Edit: she will be flead and taken to the vets as soon as possible.

Thank you all! Xx

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Welcome to the forum!!!
She’s a beautiful sandy Jill :heart_eyes:
First off,be careful what your using to de-flea her! As a lot of over the counter stuff can kill.
I use stronghold kitten treatment,one pipet depends on weight and has sorted ours out fantastically last time it was used.
Security is a must then if you have a terrier? I’d look to a cage designed for ferrets! There’s plenty about on the various sites.
Our lot get fed day old chicks and have kibble down with fresh water 24/7 as ferrets graze and won’t pig out like other animals.(they tend to eat little and often)
She’s not that old Id say looking at her? Probably a this year kit? Maybe last years at most?
She’s beautiful!!! (I’ve a soft spot for sandys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)
Keep us posted with her progress! And don’t forget playtime, ferrets love and thrive on interactions.


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Thank you, and we bought her a ferret cage she’s too small and can fit through the bars! And she gets plenty of attention much to the displeasure of our dog who can be seen staring through the window because no one is sat with him. I can’t quite work out if he wants to eat her or not but he will grab rats so I’m not risking anything, she’s very brave though she walks up to the door and will sit and watch him through it.
I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Just a thought, but ferrets aren’t naturally friendly. If it was true born in the wild, itd have your fingers off. So have you checked around that no-one has lost one recently?

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We think she is a pet and we’ve asked around and checked Facebook etc but we’ve not seen anything

Shes lovely :slight_smile: we have a jill and a miniature pinscher and they play well, it can be unnerving to witness as they really get into play fighting but never actually hurt each other and when one grows tired of the play they go separate ways! Our min pin Is a bitch so I’m not sure if that makes a difference and shes caught rats in the past:) our other dog - fox hound male, he would eat her up in no time…so definitely depends on the dog

If you train them your other pets can accept the ferret. The terrier not so sure of, but the cats can be trained. Take it slow and let them get used to watching you interact with the ferret. After a few days pick the ferret up and present it butt first to the dog or cat to sniff. A few days later, the ferret and a cat together, supervised in an enclosed room. A friendly ferret means she belonged to someone and since she was in the workshop, the cats have probably already met her. Ferrets are aggressive preditors and will stand their ground when faced with a larger adversary. My cat liked my ferrets and started playing with them. one time he got too rough and the ferret bit him back on his cheek. He was making noises and bunny-thumping the ferrets head and the ferret would not let go. i had to pry the ferrets jaws open. The cat has been way more respectful since then.
Why don’t you build a ferret shed next to the workshop? l personally don’t like for them to be caged. Then get a second ferret. They do much better with companionship

did u find her owner?