Forum Features - Hints and Tips

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Forum Features - Hints and Tips

Hello All and welcome to the Hints and Tips section for the new forum. I appreciate that although the forum has lots of the same features others have, the layout and design is different enough that it may warrant some hints and tips. I have put these below for everyone

Scroll Scroll Sroll

There are no next page buttons or page numbers – to read more, just keep scrolling down!
As new replies come in, they will appear automatically at the bottom of the topic. No need to constantly refresh the forum to see if someone has posted.

Replying to a Post

  • To reply to the overall theme of the topic, use the ‘Reply’ button at the very bottom of the page…

  • To take the conversation in a different direction (splitting a post), but keep them linked together, use ‘Reply as New Topic’ to the right of the post.

Who is talking to me?

When someone replies to your post, quotes you, or mentions your @username, a number ➀ will appear over a conversation button at the top of the page. Use it see who’s talking to you, and where.

  • To mention someone’s name, start typing @ and type their name. It will pop up a list of possible people.

  • To quote just a section of a post, select it (highlight the area), then use the ‘Reply Quote’ button that appears over your selection.

Like or Favourite a Post

To let someone know that you enjoyed their post, use the like :heart: button at the bottom of the post.

Flagging a Post for Moderation

If you see a problem with a post, don’t hesitate to use the flag button and privately let the staff know about it. When you flag something, make sure you give a reason for the flag. This information goes to the Moderators and will best help them determine the outcome.

The main job of the Moderator team is to help stimulate enjoyable conversations on the forum - so its important to know that Moderator Features like ‘editing your posts’ is only possible as a last resort and you will ALWAYS be informed via the forum software if something happens to your post.

If your post is flagged by more than 3 other people - it will automatically be hidden from view by the system. After it has been hidden for 10 minutes (called the ‘cooldown’ period), it will PM you and give you the ability to re-edit your post.

Where am I?

  • To get back to the home page at any time, use the logo at the upper left or the back ← button on your browser.

  • For search, your user page, or the sitemap, use the icon buttons at the upper right.

Wait, I have a Profile Page?

Yes you do! As with most forum programs, you have a personal profile page. You can access it by clicking your Avatar (top right of every page) and clicking ‘Profile’

  • Fill out your REAL name in the ‘Name’ field and people will be able to find you even if they don’t know your ‘forum name’!
  • Upload a custom Avatar
  • Fill in your ‘About Me’ section so people can know a little bit about you.

Private Messages

We also have a PM system. Click on the Search icon (top right of every page) and search the persons name you want to send a message to. Click on their name and click on ‘Message’

You can see and respond to your private messages by clicking on ‘Messages’ from your Avatar (top right of every page)

###Trust Levels Explained
Although Moderators exist for a very legitimate reason, this forum works on the basis of trust in order to best help the community :smile: . The more actively you read posts and the more actively you respond/favourite/create posts, the more features and functionality you get from the forum. This is a great way of not only allowing the community to self-moderate, but it also protects us from robots and spammers who target the forum.

The forum also uses this data to learn. Based on the topics and posts that already exist, when you create a new topic, It will try to suggest previous topics that may be similar or of interest. This will be rather sketchy to start with, but should get much better over time!

I hope this information helps get to grips with the new forum software but please do contact a Moderator or Myself if you have any question!

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