Ferrets living with lizards?

I have a 2-year-old adorable ferret and was thinking about possibly getting a leopard gecko. I do plan to have them constantly separated but was wondering if it was safe for them to interact? I’m afraid my ferret may eat the gecko so I’m just checking if anybody has experience with something like this.

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I’d love to see photos of your ferret, and your gecko, but I definitely wouldn’t let them interact. There’s a high probability the gecko would get injured, if not worse, even if the ferret is just intending to play

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I live in the tropics and there are small geckos all over the place here. My cats and my ferrets will chase and kill them. I would not trust a ferret with any smaller creature…and not with anything else that is not significantly larger than they are either. They are hunters and if it’s not too big and moves quickly they will go after it. Mine love attacking the huge bugs that live here. They do eat them though.