Ferret keeps biting my partner


Wonder if anyone coukd give me some advice.

I have 2 ferrets who are about 16 weeks old. A jill and a hob. They both are great free roaming, its just Ozzy our hob will bite my partner for no reason. Its not play biting its clamping down and drawing blood. He is fine with me and others in the household. It just seems to be my partner he is targeting. He will run about playing with my partner then all of a sudden he bites. He has tried scuffing which we do not like doing but this just makes him hypo and worse. We gave tried time out in his cage, nothing is stopping this.

Any help and ideas much appreciated.


He’s still very young and should grow out of it? But in the meantime short sharp NO is one of the best things to use.
I’ve heard people advise tapping on the nose!!! But that’s a very bad suggestion and can make the situation worse besides harming your fur baby.
Take a look In other sections,I’m sure there’s a great piece on nip training by Norma.

Cheers Craig

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Hi. When ferrets bite it can become nasty and distressing.
But fear not. Colin and I are experienced Ferret keepers and wrote an article on this matter.
You can see it here https://ferretproblems.com/how-to-train-a-ferret-not-to-bite-the-only-way/
Regards, Mike and Colin

Great website Mike, useful.

Apart from the scruffing which I never use as a punishment, that is all good advice.

You’ll find some excellent ideas on nip training, without scruffing, here.

(As I write the video hosting site is down so please be patient it should be back soon)

Sounds to me like over excitement bites due to the play prior. If it also happens when he’s not playing, it may be that there’s something on your partner’s skin that he doesn’t like. Does your partner smoke? A lot of ferrets that will bite people, predominantly go to bite people who smoke more often than those that don’t.
And the time out method won’t work if you’re putting him in his cage, you’d be better off with a cat carrier just make sure it’s empty and no bed in there and only up to 2 minutes in there at a time. Reason being their short attention spans make them forget why they’ve been put in there after about 2 minutes