Ferret enclosures getting hot in summer

How do you guys keep your fuzzies cool in the heat of the summer? What temperature can they take, assuming they aren’t in direct sunlight? I measured it up to about 31degrees in the enclosure today.

I know about paddling pools, and frozen blocks wrapped in towels etc. But wondering about installing a fan perhaps.

Bumping this one as it’s still sweltering out there.
I read of a hack where you get a picnic cooler box (the old rigid ones), put the frozen blocks in, with towel/blanket over top of blocks. Then cut round hole in the side (maybe with some piping for a tunnel) for them to go in and out of to create a cool sleeping den.

Do you think ferrets are clever enough to seek out the cooler box when hot, or just swelter in their other usual sleeping holes?

Hi Ewan,
Ferrets do have a tendency to over heat. Make sure they have plenty of shade and if they will use it maybe a shallow tray of cool water for them (not a paddling pool unless they are supervised using it) I wouldn’t use cool blocks as they contain chemicals which would be toxic to ferrets if they were to split or your ferrets managed to puncture them. Also if you were to make the box into a closed space it could actually get very hot in there with your ferrets body heat and lack of air circulation you ferrets could suffocate. You can use bottles of frozen water for them but ferrets don’t sweat so a fan won’t work.

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