Ferret eating habit help

(dragonegg) #1

Please no judgment as he was free range. Our ferret, Jasper, is about 4 yrs, he was free range, but I got yelled at by a ferret recuse lady, (we had an obese one given to us but Jasper didn’t like him. He did not come from the lady or go to her.) because while discussing my ferret I had said he will eat cooked canned peas(only like 2 when he could get them). As free range he had his food, and the cat/dog food was available along with dinner plates in his reach. He has been moved to my office where he can not get to any other foods, but he has never preferred his food. I have purchased almost every kitten food and all brands of ferret food that i could find. but he has always preferred cat food. i feed him in his cage and if it not cat food he dumps the bowl then rattles the door saying “feed me!!”. I have tried to mix the ferret/kitten in with the cat food but he will sort out what he wants then dumb it. I have taken him in for check ups and he has always been healthy, active, and a bit anti social. but after being chewed out by an “expert” i figured i would get another opinion on his habits. would like for him to be free range in the house again, even if it means finding stashes of dog food, oreos, and other wierd stuff (doesnt eat these just creates horde)

(Mary McCarthy) #2

I feel you’re pain, I’ve got a very cheeky chihuahua, while she can’t to quite as many places as a ferret she thinks nothing is f jumping up on the table and helping herself. When we’re not looking as she knows she’s not allowed.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the occasional garden pea. if his main diet is a high protein, meat rich food.

Rather than curtailing his free roaming could you get more careful about leaving your own food lying around and feed the cats on one of the top quality cat foods. They are better thanost ferret foods, I’m afraid I don’t use them because they’re too expensive.

I assume it would be possible to confine him while the dog ideating?

(dragonegg) #3

he doesnt seem to eat the dog food, just stash it everywhere. we did some remodeling and he had a whole “house” set up under a cabinet, maybe he a prepper and dog food stores better? if he does get people food, even if he allowed per se, he wont eat more than like 2 peas or a lick of ice cream. I get the better cat food for him, but have been told to only give them kitten food. he will not eat canned, have not found a raw meat he likes. i have taken to giving the cat the kitten food that i keep buying but Jazzy wont eat. and just get him his own bag of his preference. also, i will find things stashed, that i didnt even know we owned, and i do all the shopping. --insert web address for ferret preppers here–

(Mary McCarthy) #4

It doesn’t sound to me as if you have too much to worry about. If he’s happy and healthy, and not eating too much inappropriate food, then he’ll probably benefit more from the extra attention and exercise he was getting from free roaming.

(adam) #5

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