Ferret driving me crazy

Hello everyone, I have a female ferret that turns 1 in a week and recently she has been driving me absolutely insane. I love her to death but I just don’t know what to do anymore. She pushes bowls of food and water over, keeps me up whether I lock her in the cage or let her roam at night. She is usually always free roam with her brother and he behaves well besides pooping on the floor. She does not respond to any type of punishment but I just can’t ever get anything done or sleep because she is constantly getting into trouble. Please help.

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That’s just ferrets for you. Please don’t punish her for it, she is just being her. Is she neutered If she is just one year old it maybe that she is just coming into season and this can make them naughty and cheeky as they are hormonal and looking for a mate. If you need to be busy then make her cage a safe space for her to be and put her in it so you don’t have to supervise her. Perhaps change water owls for bottles in the cage. Some ferrets are just naughty and if that’s the case you will just have to accept her for who she is I’m afraid

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We went through about 6 bowls before we finally found one they didn’t pick up and turn over! We settled on a heavy ceramic bowl and use one each for food and water.

Even then, they still kick and nudge the bowls, but can’t pick them up at least. Nudging a food bowl.is not an issue but the water bowl splashes. So we put it on a plastic tray to catch the splashes.

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Keep her busy during the daylight hours. Wear her out so she sleeps thru the night. Mine wake with the sun and eat and run around for an hour in their habitat. Nap for another hour. Get moved to another room and run/play for another hour or two. Different and noisy/crinkle toys in that room. Their habitat is next to my bedroom so they have many tubes and quieter toys there. No playing with them from 11 PM till sunrise. I might give mine a noggin rub as l go the the bathroom in the middle of the night. You can acknowledge them but not get them stimulated. Make their nighttime routine boring so they expect to sleep.

Why r u even trying to punish her? Ferrets dont respond to punishment and ur ferret might become scared of u. Try getting heavier bowls and giving her a treat when she is quiet. Reward her for good behaviors, but dont punish her for bad behaviors. And be patient.