Ferret deodorant


I’ve heard of ferret deodorant to help reduce the smell but are these safe?

(Mary McCarthy) #2

I wouldn’t use anything like that to be honest.

To minimise smell

  1. Get them neutered, particularly the hobs. A hob in season has an oily coat which smells very musky. Some people like it but it is very strong.
  2. Clean the litter areas at least once a day.
  3. Change bedding regularly. At least once a week.


I wouldn’t use anything like it, their nose is far more sensitive than ours and it’s sure to contain chemicals you don’t want to bombard them with. Put their health first.
Wash/change their bedding regular at least twice a week min, it makes a big difference but if it’s a hob and right time of year it’s going to have an aroma for sure.
Shampoo and bathing is not going to work either, they are clean animals and don’t need regular baths, apart from removing all natural oils from their skin and coat the ferret aroma will come back within a day. Good luck

(Donna Brooke) #4

It’s not something I would use either. I have to say i Iike the warm musky smell they have and I would suggest that if you don’t them maybe ferrets are not the pet for you :wink:

(Craig) #5

All my hobs are castrated and I notice a massive difference to an whole one.
Mine are bathed once a year after seasonal coat change.
As Donna said,these are really clean animals and most of the smell is kept down with good cleaning routine.
I wouldn’t use anything like that on mine and I use Johnson’s baby no tears shampoo for bathing them.

Cheers Craig

(Yuselin Martin) #6

I have a very sensitive nose and it’s hard for me sometimes to deal with his musky smell. He is neutered and descented but it’s not his fault my nose is sentive. He is totally worth it :blush: I clean his pee/poop every day several times a day and I clean the bedding once a week he is pretty good at keeping his cage clean he has his favorite spot on the corners which helps a lot to keep his cage clean.