Ferret coughing!

(Lukas) #1

Hey guys! My one year old ferret started coughing like this 2 weeks ago. We have been to a vet 3 days ago and got medicine for bronchitis. After three days no difference and we are going for x-ray on Monday. Anyone have seen this before? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ptmhPbYASX0

(Rachel) #2


I’ve seen it in one of my ferrets before but the outcome wasn’t good. So many tests were run to try and determine what was causing the cough but the vets never found out. They gave her some steroids to see if they helped, which they did but as soon as she stopped taking them it started again. She was put on more steroids and ended up developing cushings disease because of that. She ended up losing almost all of her fur and so much weight. She passed away while still having the same cough. I was at the vets pretty much weekly with her and they could never determine the problem. Peeka was a rescue ferret but we think she was maybe 5 when she developed the cough.
Steroids might help with the cough but you might never know the cause.
Please update your post if you find out what’s been causing the problem.


(Mary McCarthy) #3

There are so many causes of coughing it’s hard to say really.

What sort of bedding and litter do you use? Something as simple as dust can cause coughing.

Worst case scenario is heart failure but unless it’s a genetic issue one is very young for that.