Ferets fighting

(karen robinson) #1

I have 2 male ferets and it’s the time of year for mating they keep fighting each other any suggestions how to stop this without seperarating them different cages.

(Rachel) #2

Hi, the only other option really is to get them neutered or implanted to bring them out of rut

(karen robinson) #3

Don’t want to neuter or implant but thanks.

(Rachel) #4

That’s really the only option to calm their hormones, otherwise you’ll have to keep them separate or they could seriously hurt each other. You’ll be able to keep them together the six months of the year that they are out of rut.

(Mary McCarthy) #5

Yes, the only option is to neuter them, either surgically or via he implant. Otherwise you will need to keep them separated at least until their hormones settle in the autumn.

They are more likely to escape while they are in season too so make sure their housing is extra secure.

I really do encourage you to get them neutered, they will be much happier.

If you work them don’t worry if they are good workers they will still work neutered, in fact they’ll be less distracted