Disciplining ferrets

My ferret clover keeps biting me and so I pick her up under her sholders
and I bobb her on the nose and say no bite but that does not seem to be working

Hi. Check out the ‘Nip Training’ thread in the FAQ section of this forum. Lots of advice there. For adult ferrets it is a longer process, but you just need to bear with it and not get frustrated or retaliate.


@Mtalbott, there noses are sensitive, so you have to be very careful with them, , I got a pair with a biter, 2 months ago, this one did it for attention, they can also bite, if there in pain, exercising territorial protection, but most the time attention, when Gidget would bite me, I imeadiately draw back the hand, and tell her ouchy, no bite, i would work with her every day, sometimes she drew blood, in her case it was play biting, after a little over a month, she still play bites me , but it rarely is hurtful, and I let her still know if too hard, so she is pretty much broke of the problem, time and patience, with love is the key here

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