Coughing and wheezing

My youngest ferret, a little less than a year old, is having issues breathing and is coughing a lot during mornings and early evenings. I am getting him into the vet tomorrow, asides from that, what else should I do?

  • his sister lives in the same cage, but is not having any problems
  • it is spring time
  • I found mold growing in their feces, I am cleaning it now
  • their litter is paper based and pellet shaped, bought from Tractor Supply
  • coughing and wheezing is with his mouth closed
  • he is eating, drinking, sleeping, defecating and urinating, and playing just fine
  • he looks perfectly normal, just now shedding his winter coat
  • my house is a little dusty, should I get something to purify the air?
  • he is a Sable ferret
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My boy Stash is also showing similar signs and symptoms. He is just over 2, and we recently steam cleaned our carpet and then he started to have this cough… not sure if thats the cause tho. We cleaned it about a week ago now and he is still wheezing and sounds like he jas phlegm…
Also lives in cage with younger brother (from another motha) who is not showing symptoms…

They can get chest infections but that seems unlikely as his sister is well. They also get allergies. I’d get him checked by a vet