Considering a ferret, advice on a cage

I’m considering getting a ferret once my hamsters pass away, I currently own 2 roborivskis in a large Barney cage.

I was wondering if this cage would be suitable for 2 males. It’s rather long, 100cm, but lacks in height, only 40cm. It has a second story and hanging things would be no problem however compared to other ferret cages out there it seems short.


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No i wouldn’t say it was anywhere near big enough.
Ideally you want to give them as much room as possible and also as much time out too.
Ferrets sleep quite a lot but ours are up as soon as they hear any noise.

Cheers Craig


Welcome to the forum @Dominik
Your cage is definitely not suitable for ferrets. They need as much room as you can possibly give them in both floor area and height. Take a look around the forum at the sheds and cages that others use to give you some ideas before you seriously consider your first ferret.

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I agree with the above comments. As with any pet but especially with ferrets, a bigger cage is always better. Ferrets will get bored and destructive in a small cage, and may even become depressed. Their enclosure needs to have lots of space and multiple levels. Many ferret owners use the Ferret Nation cage (the double unit, not single). I fashioned a unique enclosure for my 3 boys by taking the side panels off of two Kaytee ferret tower cages and zip-tying them together. It works very well for us, and I saved some money by buying the cages secondhand.

Also please keep in mind that your ferrets will need about 4 hours of playtime outside of their cage every day, and 2 hours of that should be spent interacting with you. It’s great if you have a room you can dedicate just for them, but if not, you can ferret-proof another area of the house for their supervised playtime.

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