Cat Flap Ideas For Less Able Ferret

(Rachel) #1

Hi everyone,

I recently got two rescues, one who I introduced to my group of eight today, the other I’m waiting until she’s fully healed up from her neutering. The intro went as good as I could have hoped, wee bit of scruffing and squabbling but now my new boy is cuddled in with his ferret family.
The problem is that my hut is laid out with an inside section and an outside section which is partially meshed, the doorway is a cat flap at a higher level which requires climbing a mesh cage on one side and a tall wooden ramp on the other. Unfortunately Caleb has a problem with his back legs, sometimes they don’t work and drag behind him, other times he can use them fine, but he doesn’t seem to have enough strength in them to be able to climb. I’m thinking that I need to install something in a lower level to save him being confined in one area or another but I only have limited space, 12cm wide max (height doesn’t matter) and the smallest cat flap I can find is about 20cm in width. I’ve considered a pipe but as the doorway will be next to the bedding area I think it might be too draughty.
Any ideas would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


(Mary McCarthy) #2

Maybe a pipe, or just a hole, with s plastic sheet curtain over it, do they can just push through.