Battling the heat!

What’s everybody doing to battle this heat?
Ours are having large pop bottles filled and frozen(thin socks slid over them)
Shallow water trays and the hose on mist for playtime.
And rigged this tarp from shed to shed(it’s amazing how much difference it makes just by adding them some shade.

Cheers Craig

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It’s a;ways difficult keeping them cool. Great idea with the tarp Craig. As mine live indoors we are not having any heat problems. Our house is quite cool.


Hopefully it will help

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Really struggling here in Kent. Mid 30’s outside, and the thermometer in our outdoor enclosure topped out at 54degrees today!!! They always have a little ferret paddling pool available, into which we put ice cubes but they just fish them all out and run off with them! We also have picnic freezer blocks on rotation (only £1 each, and a bit less faff/space than bottles of water). We have stone paving stones in the enclosure, and drape a white wet sheet over the mesh.

For the majority of the day though, they’re out of thier enclosure and in a smallish run on the grass under trees in the shade in the garden, which is way cooler.

Bought one of those cooling mats today, which work simply by pressure, no freezing required. So when they sit on it, it cools down. Built for cats and dogs, so not sure yet how effective it’ll be on light ferrets.

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Some great ideas you have there and please don’t take this the wrong way!
The reason I’m using tap filled frozen pop bottles is because of the toxic content of commercial freezer blocks.
The same would apply to your pads gel contents.
As we know and I’ve witnessed,ferrets are great chewers of things placed into bed boxes and enclosures and this could easily end up a fatality with these.
If they chew a water bottle? The worst that happens is wet bedding.
Sorry if I’ve sounded negative but many years of ferret ownership has made me very ferret savvy,they still manage to pull the odd surprise even now.

Cheers Craig


I hear what u say. The pad is designed for pets, and specifically states that it is non-toxic if eaten. I thought I had sought out and found the same for the freezer bottles, but I’m struggling to refind the evidence now. Reason I went for the freezer blocks was that they’re flat, so I can line a few up next to each other and they’re more amenable to lie on. I would be quite happy to drill a hole in them, empty the contents, and refill with water if necessary, as the size/shape was the draw rather than the contents.

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I agree with Craig about the freezer blocks. Most of them have chemicals inside them and I would worry about my ferrets poisoning themselves.

Maybe another cautionary tale here. If you have pipes for your ferrets to play in then please consider drilling some air holes in them. One of my friends lost almost all of her ferrets when on a hot day they all went into the pipes she had installed in the run and they all fell asleep. They over heated and the ones deepest into the pipe suffocated. They died in their sleep and only the couple of ferrets nearest to the open ends of the pipe survived

Donna that’s so horrible :disappointed: I take all my pipes out when it’s this hot, can’t be too careful.

I’ve spent pretty much all day hosing my lot down with the mist setting, I closed off the inside bit which traps heat so it was several degrees hotter in there, though the terrors kept on trying to get back in. For some reason they all want to get to the hottest part and bury under the blankets. I’m so paranoid with them at this time of year. I have plenty of water and a paddling pool for them, I have a pet-safe cooling mat for them but they don’t bother with it at all, don’t know if they’re too light for it or what. Never had room in my freezer for frozen water bottles unfortunately.