All sheds done

(Craig) #1

Well all the four sheds are finished!!!
Just some more goodies to go in!!!
Hanging toy types and cubes/snuggle sacs.

Been some work from scratch but pleased with the results.
Any one with any good suggestions for toys/play things?
Cheers Craig
Ps slabbing paths and gravel now :wink:

(Rachel) #2

Wish I was that handy! :joy: I have a cat tree, ball pit and sand box in mine. Mini paddling pool for during this hot weather too! They’re spoiled :joy:

(Craig) #3

Being a qualified carpenter and joiner helps :wink:
Yeah I think ours are spoilt to!!! Think it’s a ferrets owner thing :grinning:
Cheers Craig

(Rachel) #4

I bet! Wish you were local, I need one of those! Too small a job for my joiner and too expensive. I got a Dutchy house kennel cattery off gumtree for a decent price, ten of mine are in that (with a few modifications) and loving it. So much space for them to play too :grin: definitely. We’re just absolute suckers for those wee faces! Couldn’t do without them!


Looking good Craig, when you adding CCTV. You would find it very handy

(Craig) #6

Didn’t think of CCTV! Wondered about putting free view in for them? Might like the animal channel :joy:

Cheers Craig

(Sarah) #7

I love this so much!! I want one!!


haha, animal channel may turn them into killers :innocent:
cctv is very handy, now you made a good job it would a shame not to follow up with it, ready for winter :blush:

(Sian) #9

Omg that’s amazing! :two_hearts:

(Donna Brooke) #10

Looks fantastic Craig

(Mary McCarthy) #11

That looks fantastic Craig lucky ferrets.