Advice on grieving ferret

(Ashlee) #1

My ferret Bear just lost his cage mate Eevee this morning and hes spent most of the time in her bed and looking for her. Should I leave her blankets there and gradually take them away or take them away now. I just want to do what’s best for him.

(Rachel) #2

Hi, did you show him her body once she had passed? My vet always suggests that so that the others understand. One of mine passed away recently and it was so hard to see them try and wake her up. When she, herself, lost the ferret she was bonded with a couple of years ago she stopped really eating, slept a lot and didn’t really bother socialising with any of the others. When I took her to the vet about it they said they thought it was grief and just really a ‘time heals’ thing.
I would leave her blankets there for the moment and see if he’s behaving the same in a couple of days time. I can only suggest letting him spend as much time with you as you can right now, and perhaps consider getting him a companion in the future, the lack of company will make it harder for him to move on.
Sorry about the loss of Eevee.


(Ashlee) #3

I didn’t show him her body (my vet never mentioned it and I didn’t know it would help) he’s still eating and drinking.
He spends most of his time wandering around (sometimes I think hes looking for her) and sleeping in her bed (which he very rarely did). We give him all the attention we can when he’s awake, giving him cuddles, treats and playing with his toys.
after Eevee passed away he’s been coming into my room (where she spent most of her time and her last night before being hospitalized at the vets) and poofing/spraying (if that’s the right word for it) and then either leaving again or lying back in her bed.
Is that normal?
Thanks again.

(Rachel) #4

I think it must just be his way of grieving, you could always take him to the vet and try explaining. I’m sure my vet said that they could give me something for Tala at the time but I’m not sure what it was. After she passed away a couple of the others slept in her hammock for about a week but after that they tended to sleep back inside the bedding cage.
Is he neutered? It could maybe be a territorial thing if he’s in rut? Otherwise it could just be the stress of him unable to find her.
Sorry I can’t be of more help, I’ve lost ferrets who have a ‘bonded ferret’ but they’ve always been within a group at the time. I know that they’re just wee animals but I genuinely believe that loss of a companion hits them very hard.

(Ashlee) #5

He is neutered.
I’ve been thinking of getting him a friend. I’m just trying to work out when the right time is as I don’t want to do it too soon and overwhelm him but I don’t want to leave him alone for too long.
Do you know if it would be better getting another Male or a female? And would it be better getting a younger ferret or one closer to his age (he’s 3)
Thank you so much for all your advice it has been really helpful and I really appreciate it.

(Rachel) #6

I would probably get one soon if it were me, if you’re thinking of getting one a similar age then the chances are that they won’t be neutered so they’ll need about a month before they can be put in together so that the hormones can settle down after the operation. I don’t think that sex matters very much when it comes to that, some people will suggest same sex, others opposite. I have a mixed group myself and have recently got a male rescue who has just been neutered, I think when the time comes I’ll do intros one by one rather than plunging the poor boy into an established group of eight :joy: I saw from previous posts that you are in Fife, the sspca currently have some gorgeous ferrets on their web page, though they don’t allow intros at the centres. I’ve found that my group are more likely to accept babies, but with a single ferret if they’re presented with a ferret of a similar age the chances of accepting a friend are pretty good :slightly_smiling_face:

(Craig) #7

I’m so sorry for your loss,we have lost 10 now over the last few years and it never gets easier:sob:
If it were me I’d always let them choose there own companionship.
It’s strange how they won’t take to one ferret but will settle straight away with another.
But I’d definitely try and get company ASAP as I also think they can get settled being a lone ferret and then intros will be far harder.

Cheers Craig

(Ashlee) #8

We have another ferret in the house Willow(she can be really fiesty) we tried introductions before but Eevee was having none of it. So we’ve tried with bear and shes just chasing him around and he comes clawing up my leg to get away (hes always been quite a scaredy ferret) I dont want to freak him out too much

(Ashlee) #9

We’ve just tried another introduction and there was a little scuffle and then Bear just squealed but there was no contact made and he kept just squealing we ended it there and he ran straight to bed. Is this normal and should I keep trying or just try and find a more laid back ferret

(Rachel) #10

Hi, how have you been getting on with the intros? I would keep at it on neutral ground, possibly with a barrier which means that he can’t run to you to escape the situation, but that you can still see them to intervene if she is too hard on him. I only really intervene if they’re clearly in a lot of distress or if there’s blood as wee squabbles are really common. Then again, some ferrets are just lone ferrets and are happier alone.

Here’s the link to the intro’s section on here :slightly_smiling_face: