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Talk Ferrets

A place for all general ferret related chat. No ferret sales/wanted or private rehomings please.

The Cafe

Non-ferret related chat. The Cafe area is for light-hearted, family friendly and enjoyable discussions


For all Rescue and associated information

Shows & Events

If you would like to promote a ferret related Show or Event, then you can do so here. Please remember to post the day, date, time and location of your event and include a postcode where possible.

Working Ferrets

An area for Working Ferrets and associated hobbies. Photos are welcome but if they contain anything likely to offend our none hunting members please include a warning in the post title


FAQ area for friendly help and advice on Health, Training, Housing etc. It is a read only section but if you have any suggestions for topics or anything you wish to add to existing threads then please contact a moderator and they will do this for you.

Ferrety Illnesses

This section is not intended to replace the advice or treatment from your vet! It is extremely important that if your ferret is showing signs of illness, you go to your vet surgery for a qualified vet to diagnose and prescribe treatment. Failure to do so may result in your ferret becoming extremely ill or even dying. Ferretsforum, it's staff and members will not be held responsible if you fail to obtain proper medical help for your ferret. Your vet may not be open 24 hours a day but they will provide contacts for out of hours. It's important that you call no matter what time of day or night if your ferret requires urgent medical attention

Suggestions & Feedback

Discussion about this forum, how it works, and how we can improve it. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback

Lost & Found

Any ferrets lost or found. Cross posting encouraged! Please include the following information:

Norma's Corner

Norma James died on June 10th 2011. She spent all of her adult life rescuing small animals and had a deep love for her German Shepherd dogs, which she also rescued. For the last 18 years of her life Norma felt that ferrets needed her more than any other and she devoted her time to learning about them and helping them. She truly was a ferret whisperer and saviour. Norma believed that by sharing her knowledge on forums and facebook she could help ferrets across the world and that's exactly what she did. Norma was a moderator on our old forum and this section is dedicated to her memory. We have access to many of Norma's videos and and hints and tips about caring for your ferrets and we will share them here. Norma's favourite quote was 'God helps those who help others' and she did help others. She had time for everyone especially those that others didn't want to take time to listen to. This is not a discussion section of the forum but. if you have a story about Norma or a tip she shared with you. then please share it here.


This section is intended to give advice and allow constructive discussion on the topic of ferret breeding and rearing young kits for those who may need it.

Rainbow Bridge

A place of respect and remembrance for our fallen pets. Please feel free to post messages of remembrance to any fuzzies or other pets you may have lost